Provincial Medical Director, CritiCall Ontario

CritiCall Ontario, is seeking an outstanding physician leader with strong leadership skills, proven administrative experience, the ability to build strong relationships and lead transformation and innovation, to join our team

CritiCall provides a single, province-wide “one-number-to-call,” 24-hour-a-day emergency referral service for hospital-based physicians in Ontario seeking access to consultation support and other acute care resources to care for urgent, emergency or life or limb threatened patients. The Provincial Medical Director plays a critical role in building relationships across the health care system, supporting the achievement of CritiCall’s Strategic goals and participating in ongoing planning that supports key provincial strategies.

As Provincial Medical Director, CritiCall, the successful candidate will work directly with a wide range of stakeholders to continually review and improve Ontario’s systems for the referral and repatriation of emergent, urgent, and critically ill patients between Ontario hospitals. As a direct support for CritiCall Ontario’s Provincial Call Centre, the Provincial Medical Director will oversee a team of Medical Associates responsible for providing mediation support for cases that may require escalation or out of country/province referral.

Additionally, the Provincial Medical Director, CritiCall, will provide advice to the CritiCall Executive Director and others as required to ensure standard operating procedures that meet the needs of health care stakeholders. This includes:

  • Advocating, participating, and intervening, where possible, to ensure access to specialty physician consultation services are in place and available through CritiCall Ontario.
  • Where appropriate, ensuring clear guidelines and criteria are in place for patient transfers to out of province and out of country hospitals.
  • Participating in on-going consultation with physician leads, hospital administrators; Ministry of Health and Ontario Health leads, Provincial specialty groups, ORNGE; emergency transport providers and others as required.



The Provincial Medical Director creates an environment that promotes the commitment to continuous improvement of patient care, patient experience and patient outcomes.  The Provincial Medical Director will have a heightened focus on building quality across all subspecialties, including fostering improvement opportunities that address appropriate utilization of services while ensuring best care for patients. This includes:


  • Ensuring that the medical model supports the need of CritiCall’s Provincial Call Centre, and that Medical Associates   are available 24/7 to support operations.
  • Meeting with CritiCall Ontario’s Medical Associates to ensure they are informed of all new and changed CritiCall activities and Call Centre protocols.
  • Assisting in the planning, coordination, and delivery of CritiCall education and training for hospital staff, local and regional physicians, and other interested parties.

Championing CritiCall Ontario and the services it provides to Ontario’s health care system



The successful candidate must:


  • be qualified to practice medicine and be licensed pursuant to the laws of Ontario.
  • must have a CPSO license and malpractice insurance (CMPA). 
  • have a Certificate of Registration in good standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario or an equivalent certificate from their most recent licensing body.
  • have a current Certificate of Professional Conduct form the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario or the equivalent certificate from their most recent licensing body.
  • possess exceptional leadership skills, grounded in respect for every individual, leading with humility, systems thinking, and an unwavering commitment to quality improvement.
  • have advanced inter-personal skills with demonstrated ability to encourage open exchange of information and ideas to achieve results.
  • be able to purposefully build partnerships and build bridges with relevant internal and external stakeholders to create connections, trust, shared meaning and finding new ways to deliver care and support patient experience.
  • demonstrate systems and critical thinking that challenges the status quo, to identify issues, solve problems and design improved, effective processes across systems while maintaining respectful partnerships.
  • have a record of working collaboratively with management partners to address and advance the delivery of high-quality clinical care and to implement new programs.
  • have a commitment to supporting and delivering on the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion as it relates to both staff and patients.


Provincial Medical Director, CritiCall, will report to the CritiCall Executive Director and support the Executive Director in fulfilling the obligations and priorities of the Transfer Payment Agreement.



Interested applicants please submit your applications to:


Donna Perkins