Full Time General or Anatomical Pathologist

Are you someone who enjoys all areas of Lab Medicine? Do you enjoy the great outdoors? Do you want to make a real difference in the community and region you live, work, and play in? If yes, come join our team! As the result of a retirement vacancy, we are inviting applications for a full-time General or Anatomical Pathologist to join our regional team. KRRPLP provides six hospital laboratories administrative and technical advice, consultative, educational, and quality support services.

The KRRRLP Clinical Team you will join includes a Clinical Chemist who also serves as Lab Director, a Clinical Microbiologist Consultant, Transfusion Medicine, and Hematology Consultants. Administrative oversight for the KRRRLP is provided by the Regional Director and Quality Coordinator who reports directly to the KRRRLP Board of Directors. The Pathology service will be supported by a Pathology Assistant. KRRRLP is a member of a Regional Laboratory Program for Northwestern Ontario, and this regional approach ensures that the Clinical Team will have professional and collegial access to other partners in Northwestern Ontario and Manitoba.

The Pathologist of the Kenora-Rainy River Regional Laboratory Program (KRRRLP), based at the Lake of the Woods District Hospital, shall be a suitably qualified Medical Practitioner, certified by the Royal College of Physicians of Canada. The Pathologist is accountable to the KRRRLP Regional Laboratory Director.
The responsibilities of the Pathologist shall include professional, scientific, consultative, or advisory, organizational management and educational matters relevant to the services offered by individual hospitals and those services that they receive from the Lake of the Woods District Hospital. Such duties shall also be provided at a regional level to hospitals in the Kenora-Rainy River Regional Laboratory Program where applicable
Applicants are requested to forward a completed resume and cover letter by August 1, 2022: Ray Racette, President and Chief Executive Officer, Lake of the Woods District Hospital rracette@lwdh.on.ca