Maternity leave locum coverage, $12,000 Signing Bonus!

I am hoping to get some extra help for my upcoming maternity leave starting in October 2022. I’m willing to give a signing bonus of $12,000 for the year or $6000 for six months. I would still be doing telehealth so the maternity locum wouldn’t have to worry about taking the entire patient load. I’m just not going to be able to come in (certainly not as much). I need someone to help me with my in-person visits. Any shifts at Terra Nova to help cover would be beneficial.  Any difficult questions could be redirected to me. You would not need to review my results or prescription refills or any forms. 

Any days that you could help out would be greatly appreciated.

We have flexible hours and days, standard 30/70 split, and many GPs and NPs at the clinic for support. We have excellent staff with low turnover who are able to help with any questions. Our clinic won the award for best business leadership in Richmond for all businesses in 2021.

I am looking for coverage for at least 3 months but will take any coverage that you can provide. I can also provide long term for however long that you feel you would like to work at Terra Nova. We are very flexible.I will be available for any questions any time by phone.

If you require a minimum hourly payment, we can discuss this and you can also work permanently full time with us if you like the clinic.

If you are not able, please let me know if you know anybody who might be interested. Thank you- Dr. Julie Wilson


  •  Work on your terms with convenience and ease via phone, laptop, or a computer
  •  Full flexibility-Pick any day and any time of the week
  •  Supplement your income while continuing your practice
  •  Focus on patient care, without the administrative burden
  • 7 days/week administrative/MOA support
  • Clinic provided VOIP Calling System with clinic caller ID
  • 7 days/week billing support-all billing errors will be fixed and rebilled by the billing team

Terra Nova Medical Centre with an active patient base of 35,000+ is looking for physicians to join our growing medical team! This job offers you the convenience to work at times that best suit your lifestyle. Our highly trained and knowledgeable team of 10 medical office assistants and a clinic manager will be providing you individualized support 7 days a week during and after your shift.

You can pick any day of the week and any time period between 8am-7pm. We are more than happy to  supplement and complement your existing patient caseload in any other practice that you may have.

  • Schedule Description Very flexible with the type of work you would like to do, hours and shifts. Please let me know your preferences. We are open 7 days per week with opening hours between 8am-7pm.
  •  Location class  Urban
  • On-Call/After Hour Requirements  No after hours or on call requirements. No hospital requirements. No OB requirements
  •  Qualifications  Certified Family Physician in British Columbia
  • Perks  This is a wonderful community practice within very close driving distance to Vancouver (20 minutes from downtown, depending on traffic) in a laid back and friendly environment. We have excellent volumes, even in this COVID 19 environment. You will be able to practice a combination of telemedicine and in person clinic medicine. We are signed up for the business cost premium, adding an extra $48/day to your billings. There are drinks and snacks in the office for any staff or doctor to eat when working. We have MacBook Airs and e-faxing for convenience of practice. We are open 7 days per week to cover all patient and scheduling needs. Sun-life Insurance Benefits for all doctors and staff.
  • Work Environment  Terra Nova is a multi-physician and Nurse Practitioner clinic with an adjacent pharmacy. We have in-house physiotherapy and respiratory therapy. The office is paperless, has check-in kiosks, online booking, telehealth visits, e-faxing, and more. Doctors are able to work flexible shifts and see patients at whatever speed they feel is most comfortable. We have a huge demand from patients 7 days a week for appointments, so there is no concern about filling your schedule. We work on MacBook Airs and have all the equipment necessary for biopsies, pap smears, IUD insertions, laceration repairs, pediatric vaccinations, and cryotherapy. Doctors do not need to do procedures that they are not comfortable with. Overall Terra Nova is a great place to work and we hope to have you as a part of our team. There is physician parking on site. Each doctor gets two examination rooms with new equipment and electronic blood pressure cuffs.
  • EMR  JUNO EMR/ Clinic Aid Billing
  • Compensation  Fee for service
  •  Estimated Remuneration  $1200-$1400 per day. The compensation can be based on fee for service or $150/hour whichever works best for you!
  •  Payment Terms  30/70 split Fee for service payment so earnings depend on how many patients are seen. You may see as many or as few patients as they feel comfortable with.
  •  Incentives & Guaranteed Minimums  Guaranteed minimum of 6 patients hourly. Our team of LPN calls patients to give messages to patients under the billing code 13706 (Family Practice Delegated Patient Telehealth Management Fee), which saves time and improves the billings of our GPs while providing more comprehensive care to our patients. Sun Life Insurance, free parking on site and clinic provided work phones.