Emergency Medicine Job Opportunity - Tropical Marianas Pacific Islands

The Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation is hiring Emergency Physicians.  Our 86-bed hospital with 16-bed Emergency Department handles 99.9% of all presenting patients. We seek physicians who are looking for something completely different.

This position requires a high level of personal and professional skill to squeeze the last drop of information out of the resources we have. The “latest and greatest” equipment is rarely part of our tool kit. The remote location and limited resources can be intimidating at first; most newcomers have a culture shock upon finding that there is not a specialty team available to take each complex issue off their hands. But the challenges lead to willingness of colleagues to help; we are a close-knit team, supportive of one another. The job is incredibly fulfilling despite the increased demands. It’s a small town feel in a vacation setting with no commute and an unmatched close community.

Many of us came here thinking we would be here for two years maximum, finding instead the job we have always wanted. It’s not for everyone, but it just might be for you.  

We serve a multi-cultural community of about 48,000 people. We are an underserviced, resource poor, remote tropical Pacific community several flights away from the mainland, about 8 hours by plane west of Hawaii. The diverse patient population includes native islanders and immigrant workers from Micronesia, Philippines, China, Bangladesh, Korea, and other Asian and Pacific Islanders. Cultural and language barriers, tropical diseases, and marine injuries and envenomations make the job challenging and unique.

The islands have a tropical marine climate moderated by seasonal northeast trade winds from November to March and easterly winds from May to October. Average year-round temperature is 84° F (28.9 °C). No more winters! We have several Canadians on staff who would be delighted to speak with you.


Canadian trained Emergency Physician or Family Medicine pathway with Emergency Department experience. We will process your H-1B work visa. 


Licensed in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI); PALS, ACLS, BLS certified; Undergo CHCC’s credentialing process;



Malpractice coverage is provided; Airfare; Two-year contract with renewal options with $10k signing bonus. 5 weeks paid vacation, plus 16 paid government holidays.


80hr/biweekly Saipan ER.

12 (mostly) and some 10 hour shifts

There is MD/PA double coverage 0700-0100and MD/PA triple coverage 1000-2200

LOW INCOME TAX  Keep in mind that we only pay around 2% federal income tax, plus a 9% local tax and SS/FICA.  We have paid government holidays (16 of them) and 5 weeks paid leave, plus one week paid leave for CME. 

Medical License:  No ECFMG or USMLE requirement. We will assist with licensing.