Onboarding Physician

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Posting: Onboarding Physician
Location: Ontario (100% remote options available)

This is a great opportunity for someone with your experience and background to be part of an organization that is supporting what is considered a multi faceted public health emergency and to be part of taking initiatives to help with ongoing addiction treatment. MTCG & Associates Inc. is a retained search practice involved in the recruitment of top talent in key leadership roles for our clients (www.mtcg.ca).

Our client, Canadian Addiction Treatment Centres (CATC) is Canada’s largest provider of recovery programs and supports for substance use disorder and addictions. Originally founded in 1995, Canadian Addiction Treatment Centres (CATC) operates a network of seventy-nine (79) outpatient opioid addiction treatment centres, twenty (20) specialty pharmacies and four (4) inpatient addiction treatment centres across Canada. Utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach, CATC is committed to improving the lives of individuals living with the devastating effects of drug addiction and lessening the adverse impact on families and society, through the provision of a range of harm reduction and supportive treatments. CATC offers comprehensive evidence-based care that meets people where they are in recovery, with compassion and respect.

Founded in response to an immediate need for expanded access to accessible opioid use disorder treatment in Ontario, CATC has quickly become Canada’s leading community care partner supporting people experiencing substance use disorder and behavioural addictions, as well concurrent underlying mental health conditions. Within its rapid access outpatient treatment centres, CATC offers a comprehensive care model designed to meet the broader health care needs of patients. In addition to providing Methadone and buprenorphine assisted therapy, CATC offers harm reduction services, basic primary care, Hepatitis C and HIV treatment, and counselling/case management.


CATC’s team of expert physicians provides high-quality, evidence-based clinical care to their patients both in person and conveniently through telemedicine where needed. With memberships in CSAM (Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine) and ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine), CATC’s physician group maintains a world-class-education in addiction care. CATC has over 75 physicians working in their centres across Canada, and they look to connect patients with a physician that fits with their recovery goals and their personality. The patient’s relationship with their addiction physician is critically important to their success and as such, they want to make sure certain that they get it right. CATC’s team of physicians is committed to ensuring that all patients receive care when they need it, offering a 365-day-On Call model to address urgent and emerging issues that come up commonly in recovery. For more information, please visit their website.


The organization continues to grow and has a need for Onboarding Physician(s) to join the organization. The CATC Patient Onboarding Physician is part of a group of physicians at CATC who will work collaboratively at defined times or shifts for the prime purpose of onboarding patients into the CATC Opioid Agonists Therapy (OAT) program (see CATC Onboarding document for more details).

This role will assess new (and restart) patients and initiate them into the program and will also help with urgent patient care issues that arise in instances when the most responsible physician (MRP) or other physicians, are not readily available. This role is part of the physician group within CATC which provides high-quality, evidence-based clinical care to CATC’s patients in-person and through telemedicine. For the most part, patient care will be provided virtually via the Ontario Telehealth Network (OTN). Opportunity does exist to be associated with a clinic and a roster of patients if an in-person option is desired. The physicians work as independent practitioners. Ideally seeking some physicians with some varied availability during some evenings or weekends. In person and/or 100 % remote working environment available. Can be based anywhere in Ontario. Physicians can opt for a full-time role or a part time position with flexibility of schedule/days.


  • CATC offers a network of clinics across Ontario to help support patients with both in person patient programs, along with telemedicine options as needed.
  • Be part of the Physician Advisory Group that aims to make a difference with a patient first approach in the addiction crisis and supporting a vulnerable population.
  • CATC offers a physician clinic network along with a multi-disciplinary team and approach and partners with other best practices and leaders in the addiction treatment space.
  • Represents a unique and rewarding challenge for physicians looking to give back and to engage with a marginalized population in need of support, and to provide high quality addiction care within an environment who is enthusiastic about this cause.
  • Gain further experience in addiction treatment or further develop a practice around addiction treatment (i.e. coming from other primary care disciplines or emergency departments).
  • CATC’s model for patient care enables immediate access while enabling predictable schedules and patient flow for physicians. The opportunity to be part of the patient journey and have a longitudinal relationship with patients for desired outcomes (make a positive difference for patients and their loved ones).
  • CATC’s onboarding program is not offered anywhere else in this space with scale. Through both brick and mortar clinics and virtual access for end patients, CATC also has a network of pharmacies that provide de-stigmatized access to support of OAT in research validated model to optimize patient retention with care.


  • Work virtually or in person in a full time or in a part time role. Flexibility of schedule/days. For part time roles, can define the days of the week – ideally some afternoons with the occasional weekend availability.
  • Part time opportunities offer flexibility in terms of being able to consistently commit to 1, 2 or 3 days per week of dedicated time to CATC, with the ability to work remotely anywhere in Ontario and maintain an existing practice.
  • Will be attractive to candidates who are practicing in Ontario and have a desire to work more remotely or would like flexibility, or interested in practicing in an environment that does not require managing an entire clinical infrastructure and prefers to focus on a patient first approach.
  • No overhead costs. Physicians are paid through the PSA on a fee for service basis.
  • Clinic teams manage administration and scheduling, and a portion of the fees cover all the support required so physicians can focus on optimizing patient interaction and program retention.
  • Beyond the onboarding physician program, physicians could then elect to have some of the following options:
    • Take on an in person and/or virtual clinic roster or 100% virtual role within clinic(s) to follow a group of patients post onboarding.
    • Be engaged in research.
    • Be part of a bigger team within CATC.
    • Be engaged to support CATC’s inpatient addiction treatment centres (currently four) which provide support for withdrawal management and treatment for a variety of addictions.

Key Skills & Qualifications

  • Strong commitment to working with individuals living with addiction and mental health issues, especially those who are most vulnerable and unstable.
  • Open to various levels of experience and relevant backgrounds including primary care physicians, emergency room physicians, physicians specializing in pain management, psychiatrists and other relevant physicians working in private or public healthcare environments.
  • Efficient, empathetic, and patient centered work ethic with the goal of improving all patient outcomes.
  • Approach patient care with understanding and compassion. Creating a supporting environment where patients feel valued.
  • Must have excellent communication skills, with the ability to engage with a diverse patient population.
  • Will be able to build strong relationships with other multidisciplinary and clinical teams to better support patients. Professional and collaborative with fellow physicians, onboarding/triage team, clinic and pharmacy staff and management for the betterment of the program and patient outcomes.
  • Active listener with a non-judgemental attitude who can engage with patients and focused on improved patient outcomes.
  • Ability to prioritize to ensure that all patients receive appropriate attention and care.
  • Up to date knowledge of OAT treatments and EMR experience. Knowledge of all CATC treatment guidance documents and experience with CATC’s EMR is an asset.

Qualifications and Training

  • A qualified physician registered in good standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO). Open to various and relevant clinical backgrounds, as well as levels of experience working as a physician.
  • Completion of required training to prescribe all OAT (Opioid Agnostic therapy) treatments.
  • Previous experience in caring for patients with opioid use disorder in an out-patient setting is an asset.
  • Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) coverage.
  • Work would be in accordance with CATC’s Associate Agreement.


Morris Tambor
416 364 8516
[email protected]

Stephanie Brooks, CHRL
Head of Research and Recruitment
416 364 8616
[email protected]