We are excited to offer practice opportunities in the Section of Respirology at Lakeridge Health Ajax (LHAP), a community hospital with broad medical, critical care and surgical subspecialty supports. You will be part of a collegial group that provides consultations to the ER and inpatient wards. The hospital is supported by our Hospitalist and General Internal Medicine Programs. To further diversify your practice, you may consider joining one of the nearby non-hospital affiliated clinics. The candidate will share access to pulmonary function lab testing and interpretation, cardiopulmonary testing, and bronchoscopy. You will have teaching opportunities through the Lakeridge Health partnership with Queens University. LHAP offers many administrative options for those interested in pursuing physician leadership positions.  You must be eligible for licensure in Ontario and be an experienced physician who has ACLS and RCPSC certification in Respirology (or equivalent). This position will commence January 1, 2019.

Interested candidates are invited to send their curriculum vitae to: Medical Affairs Office, Lakeridge Health. 

Tel: 1-866-703-2072 or 905-576-8711, ext. 3720   Fax: 905-721-4784