General Practitioner – Emergency Medicine

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The Government of Nunavut is seeking family physicians with emergency medicine experience or enhanced skills training to provide Nunavut with professional medical services in order to continue to promote an ongoing high standard of care for Nunavummiut (the people of Nunavut). We currently have a number of available locum and permanent placements, and hours and shifts are negotiable.

ER physicians working in Nunavut must successfully complete ACLS, ATLS, NRP and PALS courses. To work in Rankin Inlet, or to provide obstetrical care in Iqaluit, physicians should have successfully completed the ALSO or the ALARM course.

In general, medical practice in Nunavut is a cross-cultural mix of emergency medicine, inpatient care and primary care. It involves collaboration with nurses in either the 20-bed Qikiqtani General Hospital within Iqaluit or the 24 remote community health centres spread across the three regions of Nunavut. The Qikiqtani General Hospital — the largest medical facility in Nunavut – is staffed by family physicians, GP anaesthetists, paediatricians and a general surgery department. Residents are also present throughout the academic year.

Family practice physicians in Nunavut can expect variety:

  • Ambulatory care clinics
  • 9- and 12-hour emergency room shifts
  • Phone support to nurses in remote health centres
  • Community visits
  • Surgical assists
  • Accompanying aeromedical evacuations
  • Obstetrical care
  • Hospitalist work

About Nunavut:

Following decades of hard work and advocacy by Inuit leaders, the territory of Nunavut was created in 1999. In Nunavut, which means “our Land” in Inuktitut, the youngest population in Canada lives alongside a generation of elders born on the land before Nunavut’s towns were permanently settled. The vibrant Inuit culture still flourishes here through drum dancing, throat singing, carving, music and other unique arts. You will see people wearing seal skin kamiks, women carrying children in their amauti and Inuktut/Innuinaqtun being spoken widely. Nunavut provides the opportunity to learn more about one of Canada’s First Peoples as they adapt to the ever-changing modern world.

For more information on working in Nunavut, please visit our website at If interested, please contact our Qikiqtaaluk physician recruiter, Ashley Cooper, at We look forward to hearing from you!