Family Physician

Queen Square FHO-Family Physician Opening

Queen Square Doctors (QSD) Family Health Organization (FHO) has been providing comprehensive primary care to the community of Brampton for over 35 years. The QSD is a group of 19 family physicians and 25 support staff, working with our partner, the Queen Square Family Health Team (FHT) of integrated health professionals, to meet the needs of over 35,000 patients. Our vision at QSD is to be an exemplary primary care provider serving the Brampton-Etobicoke Ontario Health Team community. We are committed to quality patient-centered care, leading clinical practices, and collaborative teamwork. We are supportive, respectful, caring, and accountable toward our patients and staff.


Working with our partner FHT, our strategy is to build an integrated team-based approach to primary care and develop innovative programs for our patients within a continuous quality-of-care paradigm.

Our strategic goals are to:                                                                                                                                                       

  1. Integrate clinical practices of the FHO with the FHT for improved patient care and experience.
  2. Develop a strong and positive human resources culture to attract and retain the best staff.
  3. Facilitate data capture within the context of the Ontario Health Team framework to develop services and programs.


QSDFHO is an association of independent practitioners who have agreed to share the cost of running the clinic. The terms are articulated in a cost sharing agreement.  The successful candidate may apply for association membership after 3 months.


In addition to providing comprehensive patient care, the incumbent will be expected to:

  • Provide on call services for the practice as one of the 19 doctors at QSD, including one day (a 24- hour period) per month, and, about 4 weekends per year, including one long weekend.
  • Provide scheduled evening clinic time appointments to sufficiently cover the care needs of own patients.
  • Actively participate in the management of the practice.



The successful candidate will have access to:

  • Patient examination rooms in accordance with an agreed upon schedule
  • Office space and a QSD systems desk-top for administrative work
  • Support from medical and administrative assistants
  • All services/programs provided by the Queen Square Family Health Team
  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Communications technology (3CX)
  • Free parking


  • Leadership
  • Long term care (Holland Christian Homes) - attending physician role available in both retirement and nursing homes
  • University appointment and teaching role (Mc Master, University of Toronto)
  • Ontario Health Team participation (integrated, coordinated care for Brampton-Etobicoke)
  • Affiliation/hospital privileges with William Osler Health System


  • A medical resident starting to practice or an established practitioner
  • Interested in being affiliated with William Osler Health System
  • Committed to full time practice (4 days per week)
  • Strong interpersonal, rapport and teamwork skills
  • Focus in clinical areas such as geriatrics, obstetrics, dermatology, palliative care or minor surgical procedures
  • Willing to collaborate with the FHT to deliver care, especially in program areas such as: Seniors Wellness/Geriatrics, Diabetes Care, Maternal and Children Health and Palliative Care
  • Supportive of Quality Improvement principles and quality standards of care  
  • Adept with EMR technology particularly for automated delivery of ED discharge summaries and lab results through OLIS and, consult notes through HMR and Connecting Ontario
  • Leadership interest
  • Revenue generation interest


Candidates should write a letter to the Recruitment Committee outlining their interest in joining the QSD FHO and articulating their goals by March 15, 2021. A resume/cv should be included.  A member of the recruitment committee will contact each selected candidate. Letters should be sent by email to:


  • Dr. Shane Teper-Chair of the Board and Lead Physician
  • Dr. Chris Veneema
  • Dr. Darren Merker
  • Dr. Tupur Rahman
  • Dr.  Judy Cooper
  • Ms. Lisa Alcia (General Manager)