Regional Indigenous Cancer Lead

Regional Indigenous Cancer Lead, Toronto Central

Role Title: Regional Indigenous Cancer Lead, Toronto Central Regional Cancer Program
Reports To: Regional Vice- President, Toronto Central South Regional Cancer Program (direct)
Term: One year, with the opportunity for renewal. One day/week equivalent
Closing Date: Open Until Filled

Position Summary

The Toronto Central Regional Cancer Program is seeking expressions of interest from clinical leaders for the position of Regional Indigenous Cancer Lead (RICL), Toronto Central Regional Cancer Program.

The Toronto Central Regional Indigenous Cancer Program works to enable holistic care for Indigenous peoples by working with a number of stakeholders to enable a harmonized system where Indigenous peoples’ values, knowledge, and spirit are visible and respected. The program works to create and sustain networks of partnerships, indigenize engagement, and improve access to services. As such, the program works collaboratively with the Indigenous Cancer Care Unit of Ontario Health.

A key strategic priority of the Indigenous Cancer Strategy/First Nations, Inuit, Métis and urban Indigenous Cancer Strategy is to establish and build productive relationships by embedding and formalizing First Nations, Inuit, Métis and urban Indigenous (Indigenous) communication and engagement provisions to implement, measure, and sustain successful initiatives.

The Regional Indigenous Cancer Lead (RICL) role will be essential to successful engagement and collaboration across varying primary care and hospital-based settings advocating for the needs of Indigenous peoples. As such, a critical component of the role will be the development of new relationships and ongoing work to sustain existing partnerships with community organizations, and healthcare institutions. The RICL will also work to provide advice and mentorship to regional stakeholders on how groups can cultivate and manage ongoing opportunities to support Indigenous engagement and positive health outcomes.

Under the leadership of the RVP and in partnership with Ontario Health, the RICL will be required to lead, support, and collaborate on a number of initiatives spanning all aspects of the cancer journey.

Interested parties should forward their expression of interest and curriculum vitae to


Accountability (direct) to the Regional Vice President (RVP) of the Toronto Central South Regional Cancer Program.

Accountability (indirect) to the Regional Vice-President, Toronto Central North Regional Cancer Program and the Director, Indigenous Cancer Care Unit (ICCU), Ontario Health.

Note that the Clinical Lead will remain in close contact with the Director, Toronto Central South Regional Cancer Program.

  • It is expected that the Regional Leads will report updates to relevant committees as required by the RVP and/or Ontario Health.
  • Regional Leads will complete the appropriate section of the Ontario Health Integration Cancer Plan Agreement Comprehensive Year-End Report.


1. Indigenous advisory and strategic collaboration

· Identify and respond to regional-level system issues related to Indigenous specific cancer needs
· Advocate for the needs and wants of Indigenous patients within the Region including but not limited to:
o Identifying opportunities to Indigenize engagement
o Identifying critical gaps or barriers to care for Indigenous patients in existing organizational policies
o Enabling the practice of Indigenous ceremony in healthcare settings

· Provide coaching and support to institutional partners seeking opportunities to Indigenize engagement and improve access to meaningful services
· Champion the Indigenous Cancer Strategy/First Nations, Inuit, Métis and urban Indigenous Cancer Strategy’s strategic vision and goals in collaboration with the RVP, Clinical Leads, Indigenous Navigator, Regional Program Director, and other regional staff
· Provide educational opportunities on evidence-based clinical guidelines, standards and policies
· Work collaboratively with regional networks and staff including Regional Director and others as necessary
· Collaborate with regional primary care providers and the Regional Primary Care Lead(s) in developing effective strategies for engaging primary care
· Participate in provincial and regional Indigenous expert/community panels, including guideline development panels and research projects as required from time to time

2. Cancer Care & Screening
· Build and sustain relationships with regional stakeholders spanning the full spectrum of cancer services including prevention, survivorship, and palliative & end-of-life care.
· Work with the RVP and Regional Cancer Screening staff to address access to screening services for Indigenous peoples in a culturally safe format
· Support the design and implementation of regional cancer screening campaigns
· Support the design and implementation of Knowledge Transfer and Exchange activities related to Indigenous education, and advise on the design and development of decision tools, guidelines and other materials for Indigenous patient care
· Support access to educational opportunities for regional stakeholders in the space of cultural safety and other topics as required

Toronto Central Activities

The Regional Indigenous Cancer Lead (RICL) will:

· Work to build, grow, strengthen and sustain relationships across the region with key Indigenous and institutional partners;
· Support Indigenous health priorities throughout health system transition;
· Promote respect for and understanding of Indigenous knowledge and traditional practice;
· Support communities in using health data for policy and program development and understanding the related implications;
· Support specific initiatives to improve organized screening programs;
· Improve capacity of system to provide high-quality palliative and end-of-life care;
· Support and increase culturally safe education and programming;
· Support education and training for providers and Indigenous peoples;
· Collaborate with partners to engage in knowledge transfer and exchange;
· Increase the provision of culturally safe care


· Be a recognized leader by his/her colleagues in the Toronto Central region
· Be a practicing physician OR primary care nurse (RN/NP) with a deep understanding of Indigenous histories, cultures, protocols and challenges
· Strong commitment to improving Indigenous cancer care by engaging and integrating primary care throughout the cancer journey
· Experience working with Indigenous communities and nations strongly preferred
· Be an excellent communicator with solid relationship management skills
· Strategic thinker with the ability to solve complex problems
· Be a team player, able to work with a multitude of stakeholders in a collaborative manner

Performance Management

The Regional Cancer Program leadership team, via the Regional Director(s) and/or Regional Vice President(s), may engage with the Regional Lead to discuss ongoing performance and opportunities.

Ontario Health will engage in regular performance management activities with the Regional Lead. Activities will include assessment of alignment of performance with defined role statements and progress against mutually agreed upon work plans.