Holland Christian Homes Attending Physician

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Holland Christian Homes - Attending Physician Openings

Queen Square Doctors has been providing comprehensive medical care to the community of Brampton for over 35 years. The QSD is a group of 19 family health physicians and 25 support staff working with a partner Family Health Team of integrated health professionals to meet the clinical needs of over 35,000 patients through innovative clinical programs.
As part of the mission of providing comprehensive care, Queen Square Doctors has been managing the care of vulnerable older adults at Faith Manor Long Term Care and Grace Manor Long Term Care for over two decades.
We are looking to build our capacity to care for these residents by taking on associates who can manage the care of the residents with support from our on-call physicians.

Our vision at QS is to be a leading family health team and OHT partner in serving the Brampton Etobicoke community.

We are a team of clinicians providing exemplary, accessible comprehensive primary care. We are committed to:
● Quality patient-centred care
● Leading clinical practices
● Collaborative teamwork

We are supportive, respectful, caring and accountable toward our patients and staff.

Our strategy with our partner FHT is to build an integrated team-based approach to primary care and develop innovative programs for our patients within a continuous quality of care paradigm.

1. Integrate clinical practices of FHT with FHO for improved patient care and experience.
2. Develop a strong and positive human resources culture to attract and retain the best staff.
3. Develop a data platform to integrate the relevant patient information with the OHT framework in facilitating better health care for Ontarians.

Attending Physicians who are accepted into the role will be supported by the Medical director of each home. The care of the residents is entirely up to the Attending Physician in a Most Responsible Physician (MRP) role.

● Provide continuous care to the residents with on site visits based on necessity/billing requirements
● Provide counselling and support to patients and their families on a wide range of health and lifestyle issues
● Complete and provide requested documentation for patients and other parties as required
● Day time coverage of residents would be provided by the MRP and would on call services as one of the over 19 doctors at Queen Square Doctors
● Follow the Ontario regulations as listed in the Long Term Care Homes Act, 2007 for Attending Physicians (i.e. Must complete an admission and annual physical examination, three month drug and diet review etc)

The successful candidate will have access to:
● Designated Parking spot close to the entrance
● Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment
● Patient examination rooms in accordance with an agreed upon schedule
● Dedicated Physician Computer with rolling desk
● Support from nursing staff
● Access to Writi e-prescription software
● Access to PointClickCare Electronic Medical Record

Candidates should write a letter to the selection committee outlining your interest in joining QSD FHO and stating your goals by October 30, 2021. A member of the selection committee will contact you to set up a time for an interview/discussion.

o Dr. Shane Teper-Chair of the Board and Executive
o Dr. Jobin Varughese - Medical Director of Grace Manor
o Dr. Amritpal Thind - Medical Director of Faith Manor
o Ms. Lisa Alcia (General Manager)

● Medical Physician (no experience in Long Term Care is required)
● Interested in being affiliated with Osler
● On site care access of 1/2 day per week per 40 residents.
● Strong interpersonal/rapport skills

Please send applications to email lisa.alcia@qsdocs.ca